Schnitz Deli

Schnitz Deli

World Famous Delicatessen


Box Lunches  Ham, roast beef, turkey or chicken salad sandwiches with lettuce and tomato. Includes potato salad, cole slaw, pickle spear, cookie, condiments and utensils. Conveniently packaged for a neat presentation.

$8.25 per Person

Schnitz Crowd Control  A custom creation sold by the foot that can serve approximately 6 people per foot.

$18.95 per foot
(36″ is $53.85)

Meat & Cheese Trays  A selection of our specialty meats and cheeses arranged with fresh lettuce, tomatoes and garnish. Each tray includes deli pickles, condiments and freshly baked breads.

$6.95 per Person

Mini Sandwichs  A variety of ham, turkey, and chicken salad sandwichettes (2 1/5″ each) with lettuce and tomatoes. All neatly arranged on a tray with deli pickles and condiments.
(i.e. 10 people = 25 sandwiches)

$6.25 per Person
Half Sandwich Tray  A variety of our specialty cold sandwiches arranged around your favorite Schnitz salads.

$7.25 per Person

Chef Salads  Ham, turkey, swiss and cheddar on a bed of mixed greens. S Served with assorted dressings and homemade bread or roll.

$7.50 per Person


Soup by the Quart

$8.95 per quart

Assorted Canned Beverages


Plate, Napkin & Utensils Available


Catering orders are 10 per minimum
Delivery available on orders over $75
Please allow 24 hours notice on all catering orders.
Catering Phone: 616-451-4444
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